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Network vulnerabilities are on the rise! Ensure your network devices are protected.

The number of reported security vulnerabilities in 2013 continued to increase compared to 2012. Vulnerabilities are on the rise constantly increasing since 2011. The high severity vulnerabilities increased by 16 percent from 2012.
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10 Tips to Enforce Your Online Security

Written by David Attard

I recently wrote an article called What the Hack, in which Ido-dont-300x300 discussed the spate of hack attacks happening at the time. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then, and we keep on hearing of more and more password leaks, hacks, identities being stolen and loss of personal information. One of the password leaks that made headlines was that involving the loss of millions of Adobe passwords.
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The 31 Worst Face-Palm Moments in IT

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Theface-palm-300x215 Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. I want to introduce another in the same vein as that – “The Dumb, the Stupid, and the Unbelievable”. I’ve been an IT consultant for many years, and I’ve seen a lot of strange things in IT at my various customers. Some were shocking, some were scary, and some were so out of whack with common sense that I just wanted to face-palm and walk away.

Here are some of these stories I witnessed as an independent consultant: I present the 31 worst face-palm moments in IT.
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BCW 405: Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 – Guy Kawasaki – Haswell Processors

Recorded 6/9/2013. This epsided my co-host Jack Mclain and I focus on the upcoming release of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2. This product replaces several SKU’s such as Small Business Server, Windows Home Server, and Windows Storage Server. One big change is the new CAL will permit 100 users instead of 25 and up to 200 devices.

As the episode moves on , we talk about my recent guest Guy Kawasaki,. The former Apple Macintosh product evangelist. Guy was a great guest with a lot of insight on how a small business can effectively use social media to grow their business and their brand.

Another hot topic is Intel’s line up on new Haswell Processors. This is the 4th generation of Intel’s Core processors. Intel has has focused chiefly on extending batter life for portable devices, and improved graphics. Jacjk and I both agree, there is no compelling reason for any desktop user to upgrade to the 4the generation chips.

We end the discussion making a few predictions about the Apple WWDC. I predict a new Macbook air without retina display, and introduction of a new Mac Pro.


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The Hidden Security Threat

Although not all stories in the tech press are IP-security-300x225directly related to security, they often highlight issues that can be excellent educational material. A recent story in The Register about a researcher who wanted to map the Internet caught my attention.

The researcher had a Herculean task to complete: to scan billions of IP addresses using the few computers he had at his disposal. He obviously needed help but where does one find that level of assistance? The researcher gave this some thought and decided to try and exploit insecure systems connected to the Internet. That surely would help.
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GFI EventsManager® Now Includes Proven Active Monitoring Functionality

GFI EventsManager, the company’s esm-logo21-300x173 award-winning log management software, now includes the established active network and server monitoring capabilities found in the company’s popular GFI NetworkServerMonitor®solution. This new functionality, combined with GFI EventsManager’s existing log management capabilities, gives IT administrators a holistic view of their infrastructure’s performance.
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The Top 89 Admin Pet Peeves

Pet peeves, annoyances,Admin-Pet-Peeves irritations, grievances, vexations…if you are an IT admin, I bet you have a few. We all do. There are just some things that can set one admin off on a wild tear, while others go on nonplussed. Here is our completely unscientific, unranked and arbitrary list of the top 89 admins’ pet peeves. Some may give you a chuckle; others may strike a sympathetic chord. Read through the list, and then leave a comment letting us know if we nailed your personal biggest hate, or missed it completely.
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