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FrugalBrothers Now Offers ControlNow

FrugaBrothers Software, Inc. is putting extra emphasis on cloud based network solutions in 2015. In particular, the ControlNow cloud based IT management platform formerly known as GFI Cloud. The benefits of platform for small business are absolutely incredible.

So what is ControlNow?

ControlNow is a suite of 6 individual cloud based IT management tools that can be purchased separately or in multiple services. Each service is deployed through the ControlNow portal, and the installation of a small agent. A small business can be up and running the ControlNow services within a few minutes, without the upfront cost of on premise software, or hardware such as an appliance.

What are the services?

ControlNow contains 6 different services:

• Antivirus
• Patch Management
• Workstation and Server Monitoring
• Web Protection
• Remote Control
• Free Asset Tracking

With these tools, even the smallest business can easily afford state of the art network security and IT administration. ControlNow is a easy to use platform that is available from FrugalBrothers at a low cost. Click here for a free 30 day trial.

The latest updates from the GFI Cloud team

CloudRemoteAdministration_SQElad Schreiber, Product Manager for GFI Cloud, talks about the latest release and the addition of remote administration tools to the Monitoring feature.

Q: Tell us about the latest GFI Cloud release?

This release sees further enhancements to GFI Cloud’s Monitoring service with the introduction of a set of remote administration tools.  Command Line, Process Manager and PowerShell command line will be familiar tools for most of our customers, and by incorporating these into the GFI Cloud platform they will now be able to use these tools remotely, from the same online console as the rest of their GFI Cloud services. Continue reading

GFI Cloud Explained as Fast as Possible

Over the last several years GFI has been moving some of the functionality of their most popular products to the cloud. As of today there are currently 6 different subscription based services that can be purchased individually or together. The benefit to our customers include lower costs to purchase, no expensive hardware such as servers to purchase, and ease of deployment.
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Real time network information: An IT admin essential

By Jackie Wake

So much can potentially go wrong on even the smallest of IT infrastructures. So it’s crucial that IT admins have up-to-the-minute information on the laptops, PCs and servers they are responsible for.
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Jill Konrath: From High School Teacher to a Top Sales Strategist – BCW433

This episode our guest, Jill Konrath shares her journey from high school home economics teacher to becoming a bestselling author, and nationally sought after sales and marketing strategist. Jill mastered the art of selling at Xerox.

Jill is the bestselling author of Snap Selling: Speed Up Sales and win More business with Today’s Frazzled Customers, and Selling to Big Companies. She is the ultimate entrepreneur. Jill also writes blogs, and speaker. Her current newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers.

Our Sponsors

FrugalBrothers.Com: FrugalBrothers is a top North American GFI Software reseller partner. We specialize in small to mid-size business network security products. One of our favorite set of hosted tools is GFI Cloud

Success Quote “Never say Never”

Episode Highlights:

– How she left her job as a high school teacher to work in sales at Xerox
– Why she started her own business after having her second child.
– How her business collapsed almost overnight, and how she fought back
– Jill shares valuable advice about sales and marketing with our audience
– How Jill uses LinkedIn to grow her business
– How she makes herself a valuable resource
– How and why she became an author
– She turns challenges in habits, and focus doing better
– Her favorite tech is her iPhone
– Jill uses a standing desk to read her email so she doesn’t get lost online


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