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10 Surefire Ways to Lose Your Sysadmin Job

I just came a across an article that I wanted to discuss. The article is titled “10 security mistakes that will get you fired” written by Roger A. Grimes. I have know too many sysadmins and IT security specialists that have committed at least one or more of these huge mistakes. I’ll cover the highlights here with a link below as well.

Mistake #1 Killing Business Functionality

Although network security is job one to a IT professional, it is not to the company you are working for. Closing down critical business information systems while trying to remediate an intrusion can find you in hot water with management. Just assume management will believe the loss of business systems will outweigh the cost ridding the system from the bad guy.s
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5 Reasons Behind Data Breaches and Cybercrime

JP Morgan, Home Depot,Target, Kaiser Health,Adobe All Big Data Breaches

My day job is a partner of GFI Software, Each day I speak to IT admins form very small to very large companies in North America, My focus is on Patch Management, Network Vulnerability Scanning,Windows Event Log Management, Securing network endpoints, W3C log management, as well as web security and email security.
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12 email tips to share with your users

Unsolicited email or spam may be a mere nuisance for most anti-spam-300x300emails users, but for an IT administrator spam is a headache and a major security threat. More than 3% of all spam includes a malware payload, but that doesn’t mean that the remainder is safe. Far from it. You can still be directed to a website that is infected by clicking on a link in that email.
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Why Cloud-based IT Management Is “It” for IT

The big trend in IT from the do-Cloud-based-IT-Management2-300x205it-yourself business owner to the enterprise is cloud-based IT management. It’s not just because “the cloud” is the big buzzword and no one wants to be left behind. It’s because cloud-based IT management makes sense. It can save you money, save you time, and provide you with access to software that would otherwise be out of reach. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make cloud-based IT management the next big thing for IT teams. Continue reading

The Hidden Security Threat

Although not all stories in the tech press are IP-security-300x225directly related to security, they often highlight issues that can be excellent educational material. A recent story in The Register about a researcher who wanted to map the Internet caught my attention.

The researcher had a Herculean task to complete: to scan billions of IP addresses using the few computers he had at his disposal. He obviously needed help but where does one find that level of assistance? The researcher gave this some thought and decided to try and exploit insecure systems connected to the Internet. That surely would help.
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Why You Need to Consider Having Layered Security within the Organization

Not everyone understands that managed_security_layered_approach_clip_image002network security isn’t just about one specific issue. As a result, many end up not taking the required action to secure their networks. Some businesses believe that investing in an antivirus solution will cover every base.  Some wouldn’t even go that far as they’d think that a good firewall can prevent anything bad from entering the business network. If only they knew how wrong they are.
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Removable Storage: A Convenient Truth

Removable storage devices offer a big Removable-storage-devices-300x200convenience for easy transfer of data from one computer to another – but they also bring with them a big security risk. The ability to copy gigabytes of company information to a tiny card or drive also makes it easy for employees (or anyone else who can gain physical access to one of your networked systems) to deliberately steal critical data or inadvertently subject it to unauthorized exposure. That could lead to a very costly disaster if company secrets get into the hands of competitors or if sensitive data (such as clients’ personal information) is exposed in violation of regulatory stipulations.
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Jumpstart: Spam Filtering

We had published an article called ‘13 IT Projects project-7-300x300to Include in Your Plans for 2013’ in which we suggested 13 great IT projects for you to consider; we decided to publish some follow-up articles to help do just that.

Our seventh project suggestion was for spam filtering – here’s what we had to say:

Spam volumes continue to rise, and Outlook’s junk mail filters just are not enough anymore. 2013 can be the year you finally get a handle on spam by implementing spam filtering. Whether you deploy something on-premise or in the cloud, blocking spam, phishing, and malware infected messages before they get to your users is something everyone will appreciate.
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Survey: 5 Most Ridiculous Things IT Admins Have Seen Business Users Do [INFOGRAPHIC]

f you work in an office, chances are you have seen a frantic IT guy or gal running around trying to put out virtual fires, and you’ve wondered what all the fuss was about. In addition to the numerous, legitimate, technical glitches that can come up when operating a data center, there are also lots of mind-numbing issues that IT admins run into when it comes to supporting users. GFI was curious to find out how stressed IT admins are and what causes all that tension, so we surveyed hundreds of IT admins in the U.S. and the UK. The topline results were very interesting, but it was when we dug deeper that we learned just how strange the daily user support situations really are.

Here are the top five categories for the most ridiculous things users do, as well as some odds and ends you have to read to believe . . .
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What’s New in GFI Cloud

In GFI Clouds most significant release jackiesml-300x224since its launch last year, a new service is added to this web-based platform – patch management. In this Q&A style interview, Jackie Wake, product marketing manager for GFI Cloud, tells us a bit more about this new service and how this strengthens the GFI Cloud platform.

Q: What does patch management add to the GFI Cloud platform?

As an IT administrator, GFI Cloud already offers you one place to easily manage your company’s IT, with antivirus, asset tracking, workstation and server monitoring, remote support and from today, patch management.
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