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Keeping Customer Credit Card Data Safe With PCI-DSS

What is PCI-DSS? It stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS applies to all business that accepts credit card information, stores credit card information , or any information about the cardholder. Yes, even Mom and Pop operations fall under PCI-DSS regulations.

What is good to know that there are 4 different levels that can apply to you. Almost everyone stats off at level 4 if you process less than 20,000 transactions per year. The more transactions your company does, the higher your level will rise. At bare minimum as a level 4 merchant or company, you must complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire, and may have to pass a can of your network by a A.S.V. (Approved Scanning Vendor)
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Monitoring logons in Windows environments

By Calin Ghibu

The Windows logging system was never designed for ease ofMonitoring-logons-273x300 use. Depending on the audit settings, the information that is logged is rich and can meet the needs of any forensic investigation, but at the same time is cryptic and insufficiently documented. Events are logged in high volumes and support for managing these records is limited within the operating systems themselves.

This is why simple pain points, such as monitoring access to computers or resources, are difficult tasks for Windows admins, but, at the same time, are critical to comply with security best practices, industry standards, legal requirements and to ensure the health of the IT infrastructure. This article is not a deep-dive into the Windows logging system, however, I will provide information that can help admins build structure and consistency when it comes to monitoring access to Windows computers and resources. Continue reading