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FrugalBrothers Now Offers ControlNow

FrugaBrothers Software, Inc. is putting extra emphasis on cloud based network solutions in 2015. In particular, the ControlNow cloud based IT management platform formerly known as GFI Cloud. The benefits of platform for small business are absolutely incredible.

So what is ControlNow?

ControlNow is a suite of 6 individual cloud based IT management tools that can be purchased separately or in multiple services. Each service is deployed through the ControlNow portal, and the installation of a small agent. A small business can be up and running the ControlNow services within a few minutes, without the upfront cost of on premise software, or hardware such as an appliance.

What are the services?

ControlNow contains 6 different services:

• Antivirus
• Patch Management
• Workstation and Server Monitoring
• Web Protection
• Remote Control
• Free Asset Tracking

With these tools, even the smallest business can easily afford state of the art network security and IT administration. ControlNow is a easy to use platform that is available from FrugalBrothers at a low cost. Click here for a free 30 day trial.

GFI Cloud Explained as Fast as Possible

Over the last several years GFI has been moving some of the functionality of their most popular products to the cloud. As of today there are currently 6 different subscription based services that can be purchased individually or together. The benefit to our customers include lower costs to purchase, no expensive hardware such as servers to purchase, and ease of deployment.
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GFI Cloud: A study of time savings

Working in IT administration is a stressful endeavor. Granted, there’s no comparison with brain surgery or air traffic control; but it is a field that few people understand from the outside looking in. Non-technical people don’t really get what an IT guy does every day, so they can’t understand the level of stress they bear.
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GFI Cloud user interview: Michael Belisle, IT Manager at Fisher and Sons

Michael Belisle, IT manager at Fisher & Sons, in Burlington, WA, explains how GFI Cloud helps ease the load of IT management and make his life easier as a one-man IT team. He is interviewed by Jackie Wake.

Tell us about your set up and the main challenges you had to address?

Our IT footprint consists of over 100+ seats, 18 virtual servers, 5 major offices, and users spread out over 4 states in the USA. A total of 80% of my end user base are remote users. In my environment, it is important for me to find tools that allow me to do more with minimal time and money invested.

How did GFI Cloud help?

GFI Cloud’s tools have helped me keep my environment secure with minimal up-front investment and a very straight-forward and intuitive web interface.
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GFI EventsManager Licensing Explained

This article explains the two different versions of GFI EventsManager, and how it is licensed. Unfortunately GFI doesn’t break them down on its website, and thus creates some confusion to potential customers.

EventsManager Complete:

Formerly GFI EventsManager for Servers, GFI recently added an active monitoring component to the software. This is similar to GFI Network Monitor and adds the ability to monitor services, CPU utilization, hard drive space and more. This version also allows to you to manage event logs from Windows Servers, W3C logs and Sys logs from network devices such as Cisco routers and switchers. You are not able to manage logs from computers running Microsoft Windows (workstations) this product is licensed per node.
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GFI Cloud™ Survey Shows Customers Are Getting More for Less

By: Jackie Wake

The IT network is secure, costs are down, end user GFI-Cloud-Survey-300x200service has improved and businesses are saving more IT time! Is that possible? The answer is a resounding yes. According to our latest survey, GFI Cloud customers in their majority have benefited from ALL the above.

So what changes have customers seen since implementing GFI Cloud?

First and foremost – 60 percent of respondents believe their IT network is now more secure, while 40 percent report security is ‘about the same’, indicating they had security solutions in place previously but moved to GFI Cloud for other reasons such as the convenience of working remotely across multiple sites. Continue reading

Why Cloud-based IT Management Is “It” for IT

The big trend in IT from the do-Cloud-based-IT-Management2-300x205it-yourself business owner to the enterprise is cloud-based IT management. It’s not just because “the cloud” is the big buzzword and no one wants to be left behind. It’s because cloud-based IT management makes sense. It can save you money, save you time, and provide you with access to software that would otherwise be out of reach. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make cloud-based IT management the next big thing for IT teams. Continue reading