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FrugalBrothers Now Offers ControlNow

FrugaBrothers Software, Inc. is putting extra emphasis on cloud based network solutions in 2015. In particular, the ControlNow cloud based IT management platform formerly known as GFI Cloud. The benefits of platform for small business are absolutely incredible.

So what is ControlNow?

ControlNow is a suite of 6 individual cloud based IT management tools that can be purchased separately or in multiple services. Each service is deployed through the ControlNow portal, and the installation of a small agent. A small business can be up and running the ControlNow services within a few minutes, without the upfront cost of on premise software, or hardware such as an appliance.

What are the services?

ControlNow contains 6 different services:

• Antivirus
• Patch Management
• Workstation and Server Monitoring
• Web Protection
• Remote Control
• Free Asset Tracking

With these tools, even the smallest business can easily afford state of the art network security and IT administration. ControlNow is a easy to use platform that is available from FrugalBrothers at a low cost. Click here for a free 30 day trial.

IT admins, what are your greatest challenges?

“Not enough hours in the day!” – is the cry from IT admins in a recent GFI Cloud survey about their greatest day-to-day challenges, and these are common across the board, regardless of geography or business sector they work in.
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GFI Cloud user interview: Michael Belisle, IT Manager at Fisher and Sons

Michael Belisle, IT manager at Fisher & Sons, in Burlington, WA, explains how GFI Cloud helps ease the load of IT management and make his life easier as a one-man IT team. He is interviewed by Jackie Wake.

Tell us about your set up and the main challenges you had to address?

Our IT footprint consists of over 100+ seats, 18 virtual servers, 5 major offices, and users spread out over 4 states in the USA. A total of 80% of my end user base are remote users. In my environment, it is important for me to find tools that allow me to do more with minimal time and money invested.

How did GFI Cloud help?

GFI Cloud’s tools have helped me keep my environment secure with minimal up-front investment and a very straight-forward and intuitive web interface.
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The GFI Cloud Survey: An Insight into Modern IT Management

IT departments are moving away from usingModern-IT-Management-300x200 individual software tools, to carry out their day-to-day operations, and towards service-based cloud products, according to an internal GFI survey.

The results are based on a survey of more than 170 customers who use the GFI Cloud platform.

Functionality, ease-of-use and price were the three main reasons why the respondents chose the GFI Cloud solution, the survey shows. Continue reading

Results Show GFI Cloud™ Can Make an IT Department More Proactive

IT management has changed. Long gone are the days whengfi-cloud-survey a computer problem resulted in the user sitting impatiently waiting for a “techie” to attend and fix it.

Remote support tools have been used to enable IT departments and support providers to take control of infrastructures from a distance, but these tools have often had shortcomings and failed to address the management of PCs and servers completely.

Now, however, new service-based products such as GFI Cloud take a true “ground up” view of IT management, which integrates remote support with a host of other essential IT department tasks, including managing patches, protecting machines from viruses and other threats, and monitoring the overall infrastructure. Continue reading