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FrugalBrothers Software, Inc. featured in GFI Software Case Study

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a GFI case study for the popular GFI FaxMaker software. Last Tuesday March 10th 2015, a video production company visited me in my home office to record the case study. They carried with them a ton of lighting and state of the art video gear.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “case study” here is the best way to explain it. A case study is an examination of how a customer uses a product, and how the product benefits their business, and or improves their business processes.
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BCW#419: 10 Tips To Keep Your Network Safe -Understanding IT Threats – Protecting Your Data

The Business Computing Weekly Podcast Episode # 419

This episode, the focus of the podcast turns to keeping your network safe and protecting your data. The following are discussed.

1. Hackers Vs. Crackers. Threats come from many sources including your employees
2: Be careful of movie devices, and BYOD (Bring your Own Devices).
3. The ongoing battle of Zero Day attacks
4. 95.6% of mobile devices users put company data at risk by using public wifi
5. Reasons to develop a layered security approach
6 Crackers are taking advantage of social networks
7. The responsibility that comes with large amounts of storage
8. Keeping patch management front and center in your policies
9. Thoughts about “Shoulder Surfing”
10. 32% of IT Admins do not test their backup solutions
11. When employees of rogue. Stealth technologies in the workplace.


GFI Backup Survey
Content Filtering
Patch Management
Securing End Points


GFI White Paper: PCI-DSS compliance and GFI Software™ products

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
compliance is a set of specific security standards developed by the
payment brands* to help promote the adoption of consistent data
security measures that are needed to protect sensitive payment card information.

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When “Small” is “Big” – Small Thumb Drives Continue to Be a Big Security Threat

The leakage of ‘top secret’ information from the NationalThumb-Drives-Continue-to-Be-a-Big-Security-Threat-200x300 Security Agency (NSA) by former contractor Edward Snowden, has sent shockwaves throughout US security institutions. Not only have the documents alleged ‘snooping by the US authorities’ but the theft of data via a USB stick has hit the institutions’ credibility hard – really hard.

If top secret files can be leaked from the NSA, you can imagine how much easier it is for a business to lose data in the same manner! The question is, can it be prevented?

Since most businesses rely on computers to store important information, and the means to steal data are available to anyone, it is often not a matter of “if” anymore, but a matter of “when” someone will remove this data.
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GFI EndPointSecurity™ Receives OPSWAT Bronze Certification

GFI EndPointSecurity has just received another industry-leading DC-BRONZEcertification that confirms the quality and robustness of its implementation. The OPSWAT Bronze interoperability certification is important because interoperability is a critical factor for products that interact with a large variety of applications and devices.


In today’s IT landscape, businesses use a large number of applications which interact with each other in different ways. Ensuring interoperability, a prerequisite of systems’ uptime, is a difficult and time-consuming task for IT administrators managing multiple solutions within their environments. Using interoperability-certified products delivers a single point of reporting from the interoperability point-of-view, thus greatly reducing the time required to address this issue and consequently adding value to businesses by reducing costs with IT management.

Security products like GFI EndPointSecurity typically interact with a large variety of applications and devices – therefore interoperability is critical and any issue associated with it can affect the IT environment to a large extent, as it affects all the coexisting products. The outcomes of interoperability issues can result in damage to business revenue caused by downtime of critical systems and costs in time and manpower to manage these problems. Hence it is very important to use a product that is interoperability-certified and integrates seamlessly with the existing environment.

By achieving the OPSWAT Bronze interoperability certification, GFI EndPointSecurity proves once more that our customers’ confidence in using our product is built on rock solid ground.

Learn more about GFI EndPointSecurity, or start your free 30-day trial today! –

Removable Storage: A Convenient Truth

Removable storage devices offer a big Removable-storage-devices-300x200convenience for easy transfer of data from one computer to another – but they also bring with them a big security risk. The ability to copy gigabytes of company information to a tiny card or drive also makes it easy for employees (or anyone else who can gain physical access to one of your networked systems) to deliberately steal critical data or inadvertently subject it to unauthorized exposure. That could lead to a very costly disaster if company secrets get into the hands of competitors or if sensitive data (such as clients’ personal information) is exposed in violation of regulatory stipulations.
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