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‘Because [they’re] happy’… or, maybe not. How can you tell?

MailArchiverHappy_SQCan you tell if your employees are happy?

With stress costing the US industry an estimated $300 billion a year in sick days, accidents and associated costs, it might be time to measure your employee happiness. Impossible! No, it isn’t.

GFI MailArchiver’s email management system can monitor your company’s mood. How does it do that? Watch our short video and discover how you can too!

GFI FaxMaker Overview: Common Questions Answered

GFI FaxMaker Team Leader Kevin Hodak, joined me to answer many common questions about GFI FaxMaker Server. Fax Servers are very much an important part of many industries, especially Healthcare, Legal and Financial industries. I highly recommend anyone considering a fax server, to watch this video.
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Five essential tips to ensure corporate email compliance

The world of email compliance is a complicated one. Not only do you have to cope with an alphabet soup of acronyms describing regulatory bodies, you also have to decipher reams of compliance requirements for your industry. In an effort to ease that burden, we have put together this quick guide on how to help your organization. While email compliance is far too complicated to cover in a short presentation, the tips included here are useful in handling that responsibility.

BCW411: Five Things You Must Know about Email – Avoiding Misunderstandings

The Business Computing Weekly Podcast Episode # 411

Five Things You Must Know about Email – Avoiding Misunderstandings

1: It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Say It

My father gave me some great advice as a child, “It’s not so much what you say, it’s how you say it”. Although at the time (I was 8 years old) I didn’t fully understand the implication of that statement, I have come to realize the wisdom of those words. My Dad taught me a lesson about how through inflection, the ultimate meaning of what I was saying could be completely different than the words I used.

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GFI FaxMaker™ and HIPAA compliance

Fax server technology is a secure method of communicating and is simple and affordable way to assist healthcare organizations in becoming HIPAA compliant.


The U.S. Congress recognized the need for national patient record privacy standards in 1996 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted. The law included provisions designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs for health care businesses by encouraging electronic transactions, but it also required new safeguards to protect the security and confidentiality of that information. In November 1999, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published proposed regulations to guarantee patients new rights and protections against the misuse or disclosure of their health records.
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BCW410: An Interview with David Hoff – Cloud Sherpas

The Business Computing Weekly Podcast Episode # 410

This is an interviewDavidHoff from 2011 with David Hoff. David is a Co-Founder of Cloud Sherpas, a large Google Apps partner. David shares with us valuable insights on building a world class business. He also makes a compelling case for Google Apps for Business.

David was a great guest, and I think this interview gives all of us some great insights on the day to day life of business leader.

What’s New in GFI MailArchiver® 2013

Ian Bugeja, Product Manager for GFI Ian-B2-300x184MailArchiver, talks about today’s release and what’s new in GFI MailArchiver.

Q: How do you feel about this new release?

I am very excited about this release. We have introduced some major requested features, particularly the role-based access. Now admins can give rights to the various GFI MailArchiver features based on the user’s responsibilities in the organization.
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Jumpstart: Spam Filtering

We had published an article called ‘13 IT Projects project-7-300x300to Include in Your Plans for 2013’ in which we suggested 13 great IT projects for you to consider; we decided to publish some follow-up articles to help do just that.

Our seventh project suggestion was for spam filtering – here’s what we had to say:

Spam volumes continue to rise, and Outlook’s junk mail filters just are not enough anymore. 2013 can be the year you finally get a handle on spam by implementing spam filtering. Whether you deploy something on-premise or in the cloud, blocking spam, phishing, and malware infected messages before they get to your users is something everyone will appreciate.
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