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FrugalBrothers Now Offers ControlNow

FrugaBrothers Software, Inc. is putting extra emphasis on cloud based network solutions in 2015. In particular, the ControlNow cloud based IT management platform formerly known as GFI Cloud. The benefits of platform for small business are absolutely incredible.

So what is ControlNow?

ControlNow is a suite of 6 individual cloud based IT management tools that can be purchased separately or in multiple services. Each service is deployed through the ControlNow portal, and the installation of a small agent. A small business can be up and running the ControlNow services within a few minutes, without the upfront cost of on premise software, or hardware such as an appliance.

What are the services?

ControlNow contains 6 different services:

• Antivirus
• Patch Management
• Workstation and Server Monitoring
• Web Protection
• Remote Control
• Free Asset Tracking

With these tools, even the smallest business can easily afford state of the art network security and IT administration. ControlNow is a easy to use platform that is available from FrugalBrothers at a low cost. Click here for a free 30 day trial.

Could your business survive a day without IT?

No ITMost of us take reliable technology for granted – just like modern conveniences such as electricity and running water. But what if you had no access to IT for a whole day…how would that affect your business?

What do you do when there is a power-cut? Often, you’ll walk into the kitchen and immediately try to switch the light on, or power up the kettle to make a hot drink. Even though you know there’s a power outage, you’re so used to having on-demand access to certain things that it takes a second to realize the true implications.

The same thing applies when IT systems go down. Initially, it’s all a bit different and perhaps even a little exciting. Staff may even relish the prospect of a slightly longer lunch-break, or a guilt-free gossip around the water-cooler. However, it doesn’t take long before reality sets in.
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