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GFI NetworkServerMonitor®

Automated server and network monitoring made easy

GFI Network Server Monitor® scans your network for failures or irregularities. It does so automatically so that you can identify issues and fix unexpected problems before your users (or your managers) even know they've happened. It provides instant notification of any problems by email, pager or SMS and can take a number of remedial actions automatically, such as rebooting a machine, restarting a service or running a script. Used by thousands of customers, GFI Network Server Monitor is an ideal solution for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs).

Maximize network and server uptime

Monitors all aspects of your Windows and Linux servers, workstations and other devices.

Automatic alerts

Alerts you by email, pager or SMS when a failure is detected, as well as automatically taking the preconfigured corrective action by, for example, rebooting the machine, restarting the service or running a script.

Easy to use

Easy to learn, easy to use and easy to deploy - no client component or agent involved.

Performs a real test

Actually tests services to ensure uptime rather than relying on generated events as most other products do.

Built-in rules

Enables you to monitor virtually anything, providing a vast set of built-in monitoring rule and permitting you to create custom monitor functions in VBscript, ADSI and WMI.

Highly competitive price

Offers all these benefits at very attractive pricing.

Free trial

"I'm extremely impressed with GFI Network Server Monitor! I love the built-in monitoring rules. I was able to monitor one server and all of the major services in less than 5 minutes."

Brian McConnell, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

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GFI Network Server Monitor™ - System requirements

System requirements: Hardware

  • CPU - 2GHZ
  • RAM (minimum/recommended) – 512 MB / 1 GB
  • Hard Disk space – 100 Mb

System requirements: Software

Supported Operating Systems (x86 or x64):

  • Windows 2008 (R1 and R2) – Standard, Enterprise
  • Windows 2003 – Standard, Enterprise
  • Windows 2000 – Professional, Server, Advanced Server
  • Windows 7 - Standard, Professional, Enterprise
  • Windows Vista – Enterprise, Business, Ultimate
  • Windows XP – Professional
  • SBS 2008
  • SBS 2003

Other required components:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (SP2) or later
  • .NET framework 1.1
  • MDAC 2.6

Any computer that you wish to monitor requires:

  • WMI – included in Windows 2000 or higher. WMI must be enabled.
  • Windows Scripting Host 5.5 or higher – required only if there are configured checks that are using VB Script. Windows Scripting Host  is included in Internet Explorer 5.5 (SP2) or higher.