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A New and Improved Business Computing Weekly Podcast – BCW 445

In episode 444, I mentioned a big announcement and today is the big day. for about the last 2 years I have been hosting our show with PodOmatic. They have a really nice platform, however I wish to be in control of my RSS feed and hosting.
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10 People That Will Inspire You– BCW 444

Sometimes it’s good to look back and think about the people who make a difference in your life. Over the last few years I have had opportunities to chat with some of the best and brightest people in their respective fields. I have learned a lot, no so much by asking questions, but rather intently listening to them share their thoughts.
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Chris Mills: An Artist Who Founded a Company by Asking the Right Question – BCW443

This week I had the opportunity to talkcmtwpic_copy with Chris Mills, the founder of Chrysalis Communications. Chris is an artist with a passion for design. In Chris’s early years he loved painting and drawing. A former school official tried to convince him that you can’t make money from art, and that he should concentrate on academics.

Chris stayed true to his passion for art and found himself with no prior experience working in the world of graphic design. It was the proverbial trial by fire. When the company began scaling back, Chris found himself working as a freelancer. At an interview with a potentially large prospect for a new website, Chris asked one question that lead to his company today.
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Cali Lewis: An Entrepreneur a Serious Geek and Co-Founder of Livid Lobster LLC – BCW442

Cali Lewis joins us as our guest this weekCali-Lewis-Headshot on Business Computing Weekly. Cali has worked hard from her beginnings as a podcaster, to building Livid Lobster LLC. Cali is a fantastic entrepreneur with experience in video, podcasting, television, and technology.

Cali also shares with us how she has recently purchased a new studio. Cali attributes her success to building a great team. Her partner John Pozadzides has proven to be a great mentor and astute business partner.
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8 Reasons You Should Support Content Creators – Paying for Value – BCW441

Recently one of my favorite YouTube content creators David Di Franco started an Indiegogo campaign to purchase a new Mac Pro in order to upgrade his aging 2006 model. He gave the campaign 60 days to achieve his $3500 goal. However he reached his goal in less than 1 day.
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Brian Brushwood: A Magical Entrepreneur – BCW440

This week my guest is Brian Brushwood. Brian is a Magical Entrepreneur. By that I mean Brian who started in the entertainment business as a magician that has worked hard to build a career that enables him to share his content in a wide variety of ways.
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Jeff Weisbein: Building with Passion and Talent – BCW439

I recently has the opportunity to talk with Jeff Weisbein, the founder of Jeff has started the website as a side venture in addition to his career as a social media analyst. In 2012 Jeff decided to turn his enthusiasm for technology into a full time business.
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Tom Merritt: The Making of a Top Technology Journalist – BCW438

Tom Merritt joins us as our guest this week. Tom started his broadcasting career at WGEL Radio in Illinois in 1986. After working in Radio for a number of years, Tom began to focus on technology. Tom joined the cast at Tech TV and began producing programming mixing the web and television. He then moved to Cnet, and worked on creating the popular Buzz Out Loud podcast. Tom also worked with Leo Laporte’s TWiT network. Tom currently is an independent journalist, and is working hard to build his brand.
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Daniel J. Lewis: The Audacity of the Noodle.MX Network – BCW437

This week our guest is Daniel J. Lewis. Daniel is a web designer, graphics artist, blogger, speaker and creator of the Noodle.MX (Noodle Mix) network. Daniel started podcasting to grow his fledgling free-lance web design business.
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10 Ideas for a Great Home Office – Productivity on a Budget – BCW436

Every year, I create a quick YouTube video that features updates to my home office. The viewers on my channel seem to like how my office is set up as well as the hardware, software and functionality of it. My home office is a working office but also functions as a recording studio, and my “man cave”.
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